Rainbow Springs

Discovering the giant aquatic life at Rainbow Springs!

Nestled in native forest behind Rainbow Springs lies the mystical Te Puna-a-Tuhoe (“Te Tuhoe’s Fountain”), a spring steeped in history and cultural significance for local Māori.

Not usually accessible to the public, this guided tour takes you on a journey to this ‘wai-whakarukuhanga-atua’ – a pool into which the gods dived. You’ll learn about the significance and history of the sacred spring, as well as the traditional Māori uses and applications of the native plants along the way

The whole family will have fun at Reptile Rock trying to spot the cryptic species of geckos and skinks, whilst learning about our unique reptile found nowhere else in the world – mighty tuatara.

Posted by Lindsey Barran on March 03, 2020